Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I don't break for yoga

Yesterday, I was stopped in a long line of traffic behind a red light. 

I noticed that the car in front of me had a bumper sticker with the logo of the yoga studio where I practice.  And some other bumper stickers about peace and rainbows and some outdoorsy ones, too.

Image credit: Ace Fitness

The light turned green and the cars in front of us began to accelerate, one by one.  The car immediately before me didn't move, and I noticed that the driver was looking at something else slightly below the dashboard, distracted.

I wasn't surprised--the light was very long and it is easy to momentarily forget where you are in such a tedious situation.

I gently tapped my horn to get her attention that the light had changed.

She stuck her middle finger out of the window at me and pulled away.

I assume she was breathing when she flipped me the bird.

Although it was a different kind of crow than the one I'm used to seeing in yoga class.

Image credit: George Watts
I guess this is where, if I was a yoga blogger, I would write things like "I need to learn to slow down" and "it is moments like this when the yoga happens." 

But seriously, when you are driving you have to get your shit together and keep moving forward. Don't expect people to wait for you to slowly grow mindful to the fact that the light is green.

Hopefully, all the exercise I do will keep me fit enough to defend myself when the driver tries to kick my ass when I go to my next yoga class and she sees my vehicle in the parking lot. 


  1. Ha. If you're lucky, it will turn out that the stickers were there when she bought the car.

    Road rage has turned the car horn into that big useless area in the center of my steering wheel. People have actually been attacked after doing exactly what you did so I never honk anymore, not even reflexively.

    1. Flurrious--you are probably right...even as a method of communication a honking horn can produce terrifying displays of aggression. And it is especially dangerous when one is stopped at a light.

  2. I love to have this sticker on my car too - LOL!

    Nice to know via blogging! You have an interesting blog and I'm now your latest follower. Hope that you can drop by my blog, for a hello!


    1. Thanks! Your latest baking experiment looked very tasty!

  3. Two seconds. That's the amount of time you get at a light or an advance before you hear my horn :).

  4. I'm probably not zen enough either because I am super impatient at lights...I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to get where you're going in a timely fashion!

    1. I think taking a Zen attitude to traffic lights in NYC would be a swift route to certain death!