Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm still here!

Sorry for my lack of posting recently.  I am cooking (and eating) but mostly pretty basic chicken, salmon, Greek yogurt, nuts, and various assorted veggies I can prepare quickly. Things I have already posted on this blog.  I've taken a few new additional work projects on (to pay for said food) plus I've been trying to fit in my mid-life crisis hobbies.  Oh yeah, and I should clean up the house and my yard at some point.

I mention this, not because I want to do the obligatory "oooh, I am soo busy, can't post entry," but because this is a tiny milestone for me.  Five years ago--ten years ago for certain--having a busy, compressed schedule left me living on frozen TV dinners, frozen yogurt, and fat-free prepackaged chocolate muffins.  Heck, even when I wasn't busy I often I ate like that.

One of the nice things about learning how to cook is that when you are busy, making food isn't an *event.*   There is always a debate as to whether cooking is a craft or an art, but for the average person like myself I would say it is a 'habit'--a healthy habit. Like exercising every day and flossing.  I love flossing!

Flickr: Brent

I've had many unhealthy habits in my life, including morose brooding, self-pity, and wasting time feeling sorry for myself, as well as eating store-bought cake for dinner.  I guess I shouldn't give myself 'grown-up' points for roasting chicken thighs and broccoli when I'm busy.  But I do, anyway.   I now go shopping at a grocery store, rather than at Store 24, like I did in graduate school.

But not my shopping list, than heavens.  Original source here.


  1. I used to eat much like you used to eat, and my grocery cart would be filled with Stouffer's and Pepsi. When I decided to learn to cook, I watched cooking shows and read cookbooks and made a lot of different things (and had the requisite number of disasters), but once I started to get a sense of what foods worked well together and got to the point of being able to eyeball amounts of salt and oil and the like, I settled into being a basic cook. Every once in a while, I'll spend two hours making something elaborate, but the majority of the time it's protein/vegetable/vegetable. We have become boring and adult. Time to face it.

    "Tub of Stork." Band name!

  2. @flurrious. I know! Boring and adult! I will try to get back to my regular posting schedule next week. The old me would also have prioritized my art over paying the bills.

    Tub of Stork would be an awesome band name, although I do wonder of there is a recipe for it out there...

  3. Hey, every little improvement helps!! And making sure you have real food on hand is ALWAYS a good thing!