Friday, October 26, 2012

A Halloween Personality Quiz

Tell me what your favorite Halloween candy was, and I will look into your soul....
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You were a strong, athletic kid. You did well in school even though you didn't take it too seriously, mainly because you could intimidate the teachers into giving you good grades and you mom was an influential member of the PTA.  You were a little bit overweight but would have pounded anyone who called you fat and you still made fun of the officially fat kids.  You thought little of taking one or two extra mini candy bars when the nice lady at the door offered you a big bowl of treats or 'trading' the crappy candy from your younger siblings' bags for Snickers.

Three Musketeers
You were a dreamy, artistic child. You didn't talk much in class or have many friends, but the other kids respected you, even though you never knew this. Your mom baked a lot and made you cute bologna and cheese sandwiches for Halloween using pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters. You were expected to go on to great things because you loved reading. You wore lots of loose-fitting flowing skirts (whether male or female) in college but you ended up working in a dreary office job in publishing or something like that.

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You like the colors of candy more than the candy itself. Of course you eat them in a certain order.  You kept your Halloween candy stash in a big jar or box and carefully rationed it to yourself.  But the stash got stale rather quickly, so let this be a lesson to you, oh anal-retentive one. And they really do all taste the same, it is just your imagination.

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
You were a pretty conventional, people-pleasing kid. You were slightly overweight and your mother tried to ration your sweets, which meant you went kid of crazy at Halloween. You always ate your favorites first, punching out the peanut butter center of the large cups with your tongue or eating the mini ones bottom up first. Your candy bag lasted about two days, except for the Dum-Dum lollypops.

You were very flirtatious, even as a child. You didn't care about candy that much but you liked to eat these in a suggestive fashion, sticking out your tongue at the boys or girls you liked as you did. When you did eat tons of sugar you did so mainly because it made you so hyper you could jump on your bed for hours until you broke the box springs.

Mounds or Almond Joy
You had to assume adult responsibilities or at least an adult persona at a young age.  You were one of the few kids who looked forward to these candies.  You often see them abandoned at the bottom of a candy dish, or your own kids don't eat them, so you have them all to yourself. You stay up late at night, worrying about inconsequential things, which is when you tend to crave chocolate.

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Candy Corn
You're happy and cheerful most of the time. You loved crafts and holiday stuff, and you still do, maybe even more than your kids.  You don't understand why people don't like candy corn! I mean, omg, it's CANDY CORN!

Heath Bars
You were sophisticated beyond your years as a child and often said things that made grown-ups pause. By now you've moved on to dark chocolate but you still eat these sometimes, out of nostalgia. Unfortunately, the neighborhood kids avoid your house when you give them out.

Starburst or Skittles
You were easily seduced by advertising. What does it mean to taste a rainbow?  The multicolored nature of these also points to chronic indecisveness--what flavor do you REALLY like?  Lemon? Cherry? Or two flavors shoved in your mouth at once?

You're classy without being pretentious. You watched Masterpiece Theater as a kid but you're not above Harry Potter, either.  You're fun to be around and make people feel smarter than they actually are when they are around you.

You're slightly distrustful of pleasure.  You feel that it has to be segmented out in crisp, chocolate wafers rather than shoved in your piehole all at once.

You talked back to your teachers a lot.  You love salty things even more than sweet things but think that these are pretty awesome.

Cookies n' Cream bars or other white chocolate treats
You're very nostalgic about your childhood and have a lot of 80s memorabilia.  You always go to your high school reunion.  You pay more than you would care to say to dye or straighten your hair. You drink a lot, but not enough for you to think of it as a problem.  You consider yourself 'fun' rather than a lush.

Those McDonald's coupons for pie/ice cream cones/fries
You were smart and had a great deal of self-control as a child, but were also extremely sarcastic. Grown-ups either loved you or hated you. You kind of OD-ed on pizza in college, so now you eat pretty healthy, but every now and then you get a jones-ing for some of those fries and apple pie. Of course, they changed the formula so neither tastes as good as when you were a kid, the bastards.

Snack-size potato chips or pretzels
You took pride in being 'different' as a kid and would get 100s on some assignments and 0s on others.  You're an adult and still haven't learned that being 'different' is really just a pleasant synonym for being a pain in the ass.

Milk Duds, Raisinettes, Goobers, Dots, Nerds, Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls
Okay, maybe you ATE some of these candies when you had run out of everything else and were DESPERATE. But favorite?  Jeez, read the directions!

Nestle's Crunch or Krackel
You have a light, effervescent personality and everyone calls you 'sweet.'  But that didn't help the 'starter marriage' you entered into at 22 work out very well, did it?

Reece's Pieces
You're not a chocolate person, you're a peanut butter person.  You have at least two or three different brands of peanut butter on your shelf at any given time. Sometimes it even makes it into its way into a sandwich, but you usually eat it straight from the jar, watching old movies on TV.  ET needed to phone home, but you need to leave home.

Take 5 or 100 Grand or anything with dark chocolate
 No kid gets to enjoy these on Halloween because grownups always steal these first.

Spider rings, pennies, raisins, granola bars, Mr. Goodbars, Baby Ruths, and plain mini-Hershey bars
Again--this is a quiz on your favorites.  If you say these are your favorites you're lying or you don't exist. Well, okay, some of the Halloween pencils were kinda cool.


  1. I don't think I had a favorite, but I can't remember. Probably chocolate over other candy and other candy over gum, but I think the bigger issue was quantity. If there was a house that gave out full-size candy bars, that was automatically the best house. There was also one neighbor who gave out homemade popcorn balls to kids she knew, but I don't suppose anyone does that anymore. If parents found a homemade anything in their kid's bag now, they'd probably call the police.

  2. @flurrious--I agree on the 'quantity' issue, but for me the 'little goody bag' houses were the best, when you'd get an adorable bag with a chocolate bar, bag of Skittles, little lollypop with a 'ghost face' and a sticker. Only when the toys were 'extras' and not replacements for candy were they acceptable. I actually like the fun-size versions better of some candy bars because there is a better chocolate-to-filling ratio. And for the peanut butter cups, although both are good, the experience of eating the two different kids are totally unique in equally awesome ways.

  3. These are so fun! I was a cross between Three Musketeers and Reese's :)

  4. @Joanne--thanks! Although I would have pegged you as an organized M&M person fer sure!

  5. Candy corn. All the way. Love it.

  6. I just realized that you're in NJ and we haven't heard from you since Sandy hit. Hoping everything is okay where you are.

  7. @Flurrious--I am okay! I just got my power back! Thank you so much for asking--I'll be up with a new post soon, hopefully, perhaps Sandy-related or not...