Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A link to an article I published on grilling

No recipe today, but instead I offer you a link to an article I published as the 'lead' story in the Asbury Park Press. The Press is one of New Jersey's major newspapers of record. It's all about the best steak cuts for grilling, and is chock full of quotes and tips from local butchers.   Enjoy!

I'm including this image to tantalize you, although the butchers I interviewed would cry if they saw the ketchup.  I am going to give the photographer the benefit of the doubt and assume it was for the fries.


  1. Great article Mary :). I love the “someone will always out-cheap you, but no one can out best-you” quote :), that probably applies to a lot of things :).
    And there are few things more upsetting to me (food wise) then a welldone steak ... bleh... just eat shoe leather.
    Unfortunately one of the things about living in the suburbs is the lack of independent butchers. I like the idea of having "my own" butcher, even though I don't buy a lot of meet (I out-cheap myself :)).

  2. Did I spell meat with to "Es"?... *sigh*

  3. @Adam--I can't claim credit for that wonderful quote--it is straight from Ralph's mouth! Doing the article, I was reminded of Anthony Bourdain's comment that while few people in the fish industry are funny, all butchers are funny. Other than salmon and chicken, I am not a big meat eater either (many people who know me found it funny I was doing the article at all) but it was fascinating to go behind the scenes of so many local businesses.

    I totally agree about the 'out-cheaping' comment. With Wal-Mart omnipresent in America, there is always someone with a cheaper price. But if you 'go too cheap,' you end up being less satisfied with your food, and it is also less healthy. I try to buy the most ethically produced meat I can afford and it really does taste better. And don't feel bad about 'meet' because I've made that typo myself quite a bit!